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Stephanie with Dolla & Bella:

A Big thanks to Brett and Helen for grooming Dolla (for 3 years now) and our puppy Bella.  The fact that they run to you when you knock says a lot. Many thanks!!! Stephanie – Flagstaff   August 2012


Bichons Charlie & Rosie:

I have 2 five year old Bichons, Charlie and Rosie. Brett and Helen have been grooming them for a couple of years now. Charlie has an itch skin complaint and had been on steroids for years to keep in under control. Brett and Helen put me onto a natural food company called Doggy Direct. I ordered the dry food and possum dog roll for Charlie. Within days he was a different dog. He had more energy and Brett noticed the change in his fur when he was bathing him. Being off the steroids was great. They love seeing Brett and Helen arrive and wash Helens face. I would totally recommend Clean a Dog, they are the truly the best and I can’t thank them enough for putting me onto the food that has helped my main man Charlie and his itch.
Cheers Guys.


Jen & Roy with Jessie:

What a fantastic experience it was to have Brett come and bath and groom our lovely 14 yr. old Golden Lab Jessie. I was quite worried as she has arthritis and can be a bit grumpy!!! Brett was marvellous, friendly and chatty with me while being firm but gaining Jessie’s confidence. He trimmed her nails and got rid of those nasty brown drippy lines that develop under her eyes. The products he used didn’t irritate her at all and she was beautifully blow-dried with hair that felt conditioned and smelt lovely at the end of the event. She has maintained her improved coat over the last few weeks and we will definitely have her done regularly from now on. She is a much happier dog for the experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Jen & Roy – Tauranga


Nikki  with Zinny & Patch:

Clean a Dog is fabulous! Brett and Helen are wonderfully kind to our dogs and it is great to have them turn up home and wash, dry and groom the dogs on the spot, rather than picking the dogs up, taking them to the groomers and stressing about picking them up before the groomer closes.

Little Zinny our Lhasa is a bit precious about himself and both Brett and Helen have gained his confidence. He still tries to sneak away and hide on the dark coloured lounge suite, when they arrive but he is treated compassionately during his grooming and he leaves very happy with himself afterwards!!

Patch our staunch staffy cross was treated on the spur of the moment for a spa bath ( not being a groomed “girl” ever before) and her arthritis improved significantly for some time after the warm hydrobath. She simply shone bright white. I have referred friends’ dogs to Brett and Helen and they too have been really happy with their service. Thanks guys!

Nikki Steed – August 2012


Katana with Baron:

Thanks for the visit today! Barron is looking & smelling fabulous after his Beauty treatment! I’m looking forward to his next pampering.-June 2010


 Cookie from owner Paul:

Total of 5 bags of fur Before Cookies grooming, Wow!

A message to all who like Malamutes, and want to have one;
this is what we took out of her BEFORE the groomer got her.

Anyone who has shorthair breeds does not understand what
an undertaking it is to de-shed a wooly coat, not only for the
dog, but for the person(s) too!

She is a cool dog, and well with it though.

From Paul – Hamilton.


Holly with Laddie:

Hi Clean-A-Dog

Laddie had a bad experience with a groomer in the past, so is quite nervous
about the grooming process. But Brett always takes the time to build Laddies
confidence before taking him to the bath. Laddie has a lot of hair and he sheds
his coat twice a year. Brett does a fantastic job getting rid of all the loose hair
and uses all natural products, so his coat shines and smells great! Laddie is
always very proud of his look after Brett gives him a groom and will prance
around for at least a week showing off to anyone who pays him any attention.
We wouldn’t take Laddie anywhere else.

Cheers, Holly – March 2011


Jeanette with Charlie:

Charlie Reports:

Always comfortable with Brett.

Does not roll in the cow shit after grooming.

Will walk only on clean concrete after grooming.

Definetly does not associate with dirty old farm dogs after grooming.

Surrounding neighbours with canine ownership are green with envy after they see Charlie after grooming.

Judy my sister says next time Brett in neighbourhood will have Sophie and her owner Ray groomed-will send attachment when I find photos.

Kind regards Jeanette


Barry and Barbara with Nevada:

“We started using Brett to groom our dog, Nevada, a couple of months ago and we have been very happy with the results.Nevada was always reluctant to allow us to groom her but she is happy for Brett to work on her.”

Barry and Barbara – Hamilton


June with Fionne:

Dear Brett and Helen this testimony is an absolute pleasure to send to you .
We have three dogs and contacted Brett to flea bath the three dogs and to give Fionne a much needed clip. Brett cheerfully gave us a “no problem, don’t worry” assurance.it was great to see(Fionne) on the grooming table in the van, still and quiet, with Brett chatting away to him, and calmly clipping. The two other dogs were bathed and happy and Fionne was having the Ritz treatment with a great big grin on his face. I saw just how awesome he was with him, the love of animals clearly evident in his handling and demeanour.I have sung Brett’s praises to all and will continue to do so. Not only is he fantastic with the dogs, Brett is an absolutely tremendous person, warm, sincere and friendly, who completely puts you at ease and dispels all worries regarding your pets. I cannot speak highly enough of their business. we wish you both the growth and prosperity you so very much deserve, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

With warmest regards June -Te Puke


Kathy with Katy:

Our border Collie Katy had her first Clean-A-Dog bath as a ‘one off’ treat in May 1999.

However it was so successful that Brett has returned each month since. Convenience of service at the door, combined with the great condition of Katy’s skin and coat, due to the non-toxic products used make this a great service for us.

Thank you for many years of reliable and friendly dog care.

Kathy – Tauranga


Bev & Tom:

To whom it may concern,

Brett Gomas has been grooming our Jack Russell dog for the past few years & has a very good way with animals. His work is of the highest standard & he cares about the animals general wellbeing.About a year ago our dog was savaged by a much larger dog & was severely injured. Brett recommended we put some ointment ,which he supplied, to her wounds to help with the healing process, & this helped considerably.As I was also bitten at the time I used the same salve on my wounds & am quite sure my recovery was also assisted by this product.We highly recommend both his work & his products.

Bev & Tom – Ohope Beach, Oct 2006


John & Marianne with Bandit:

Brett has been washing our dog Bandit a border collie for 10 years.We have always found brett to be punctual,honest and a character with a good sense of humour.he has always done a good job with our dog and bandit has got to know him really well when he comes to bath him every month.Bandit has a coat that really shines and for our 12 year old boy we find it a great service.We wish Brett well and have no hesitation in vouching for his character and professionalism.

John and Marianne – Papamoa Beach.


Louise & Mark with Mikey:

Brett of Clean-a-dog has been bathing our long Haired Bearded collie mikey for 4 years now.Bretts animal grooming system has incredible results.We would only ever have Brett (clean-a-dog)bath and groom mikey because of his kindness,caring,dedication,friendly manner and the fanastic animal grooming products he is using.and we really like the mobile aspect of Clean-A-Dog because Brett comes to YOU-no petrol and time travelling! Live long and Prosper.

Louise and Mark